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Increase your libido resulting to incredible sexual desires and pleasures. Visit

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We like it hardMe and my sister want a stud to ride us hardinterested you can call us our numbers at Just swing by and jump in the saddle

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looking for a swingers party contact in nebr. Dennis

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looking for a swingers party contact in nebr. Dennis

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Anyone know of a good swingers club around Ansbach, Germany?

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Hello Everyone! Wanted to let you all know about a great lifestyle club out in So CAL. Taboo Lifestyles. They host events 3 nights a week

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Hello Everyone! Wanted to let you all know about a great lifestyle club out in So CAL. Taboo Lifestyles. They host events 3 nights a week

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Barbie's World-Famous Sexy Party Club for Swingers, Voyeurs and Exhibitionists. Description: So Fun, No Wonder We're

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Club Xtasia, Fantastic place, stunning couples, great things going on all the time. Lots of interaction available but in the main everyone respects everyone all the time.Nightclub atmosphere with nice music, some periods of erection section music which allows couples to get close. Only possible critisism is that some areas of the club are a little dark preventing good viewing of the sexy things that happen all the time.The staff are really friendly and the pricing is very fair in all aspects particulaly as you can bring your own drinks.Without the best place weve been. D

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Fun4two is by far the best club we have been to, ever!! It is relaxed, cool and an amazing place to be. Always possible to be "in a crowd" or "private" whatever you prefer, and the people are a real european mix. Only slight niggle is the staff are a bit aloof and the dance floor a little small, but you can live with those things.We will be going back as often as possible lol !

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Fun4Two is the most beautiful club, we recently visited Fun4Two for the first time.It is by far the most beautiful and plush club we have yet to see. The facilities are first class. The bar staff is friendly and helpful. The membership is very regulated. Newbies don't forget your ID!

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BLISS ROCKS!!!! The whole package.... Great music, a guaranteed good time and the sexiest, hottest people in S.Florida.

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Club XciteWhat can I say about your Fourth Anniversary party weekend? "Amazing" just starts to describe it. I flew out from the East Coast to cover your two-night Anniversary celebration for our website, and if I'd experienced either your wild Friday gathering at that fantastic tattoo parlor, OR your steamy Saturday house party in that spacious home, I would have considered my trip well worth it. Having two great nights in a row went above and beyond! On both evenings the couples were incredibly open and friendly, the women were SO hot looking, and everyone seemed to be having an off-the-hook terrific time. There was a completely no-pressure attitude at both events. I was particularly amazed at how many sexy exhibitionists there were! Your club members gave me some wild footage while they satisfied themselves and excited all the voyeurs in the crowd. I know that on both nights lots of very private partying went on as well. Steve and Stacy, I get the sense your caring attitude and attention to detail comes across to your club members, and makes them feel secure and at ease. Over these four years you have developed a really sexy, strong, and great-looking lifestyle community. Keep it up!Richard J, producer

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Iniquity is the Premier Destination for Lifestyle Visitors to the Dallas Ft. Worth AreaIniquity Club is an upscale club in Dallas Ft. Worth catering to professional and playful adults, couples and single women. Iniquity provides a no pressure environment for newbies as well as those that have been around the block. For visitors to the DFW area Iniquity Club is a must visit!Iniquity opened in June 2003 becoming THE upscale club in the DFW market overnight. Most of the current members of Iniquity Club are former members of other lifestyle club(s). Many members also frequent and belong to the other local clubs reviewed on SwingersClubList.We have been to numerous lifestyle clubs locally and out of state. NONE compare to the upscale class of Iniquity. We choose not to talk negatively about any of the other clubs we have frequently visited over the years. Let the local clubs stand on their own merits and the service they provide their members.Iniquity is a private members only BYOB. Visitors and locals must sign a membership agreement to enter the club. Don't forget to bring your IDs. After a quick check in with the valet and the brief membership process your playful evenings beginsWhat to expectIniquity is known for their festive theme nights and standing room only SDC parties, have to mention the Sinful Parties here too. They post an event schedule on their Website and you can also opt-in for a weekly newsletter. Theme participation varies, whether you play or watch, theres no other experience like it.Iniquity womenSexy. Hot. Playful. Adventurous. Iniquity provides an environment that enables women to dress in outfits they otherwise would not wear out in public, without unwanted eyes, membership is not available to single men.

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Miami VelvetThe largest and also the best! We have attended Miami Velvet for years now. We feel it is the best lifestyle club. It has two huge dance areas, with multiple poles, a VIP section, even a cage for the girls to get naughty, usually, 7 bartenders that are always attentative and friendly. The decor is stylish and modern, as you would see in a high-end South Beach club. There is even a living room area with a gorgeous saltwater fish tank, and videos in case you want to socialize confortably and without having to scream over the music. 12 rooms for sex/play and all over the club. Attention to detail is evident. 4 sets of bathrooms, and the locker area is roomy and very clean and well-stocked with all amenities. The spirit of the people is friendly and socially festive. People mostly go there to dance, enjoy good company, party, and indulge in erotic oppurtunities, without the usually associated aggressive behaviour. We highly recommend, if in South Florida, not to miss visiting Miami Velvet! It just might be the reason you end up moving here.

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theblisclub.comSimply BLISSfull..... Date: 2/27/2005 Comments: Enter the room and you are filled with the most attractive couples South Beach has to offer. Add to it, an exciting theme that the women have worked for weeks choosing which outfit that will out due the next. This combination is BLISS. The vibe is hot and the atmosphere in the room only excites you further. Dance with the hottest girl, sit in the corner and "make" new friends. The possiblites are endless. If you're coming to Miami, this is a party you don't want to miss. JADE ~